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GGP 031 – Gun Girls at the IDPA BUG Nationals

GGP 031 Gun Girls at BUG Natonals

This past week both Randi Rogers and Julie Golob went to participate in the inaugural IDPA BUG Gun Nationals. The ladies go over all the information of the match and the behind the scenes action. Tune in as they share information on the guns they used, their favorite stages and the practice and planning that went into attending the match.

Main Topic: IDPA BUG Gun Nationals

  • Match Info: Dates, Location, Attendance
  • BUG Divisions and Equipment
  • Stages – What they included, what made them challenging
  • Squads and Scheduling
  • Match Staff Assistance and Support
  • Overall Coverage


Listener Questions:

  • Michael – Great podcast. Julie you can fill my primer tubes when you are bored! I add dryer sheets to my brass when tumbling. It helps get the dirt, lead, bad particles out. Randi – How do you use or apply the turtle wax to your brass?

  • Armando – Are you using a pre-recall shield?

  • Joyce Wilson – It was GREAT to see you and the little one! Glad you’re back to shooting ( at least a little :-))

  • Jason – Curious do know how you handled logistics (luggage, kids, etc.)? I traveled alone to the match and felt like I’d brought every piece of luggage I own. How do you do it?

  • Lisa – What are the top three first training goals for a new competitor to IDPA competition?

  • David – How well did the Shield perform? Any issues? Thanks!

  • Eric – Assuming it is all close and low round count am I correct in assuming the fractions of a second count even more than in a traditional higher round count / distance match?

  • Tang – Another Shield question for Julie. Do you like it better than the Compact model?

  • Robert – What’s the biggest difference between shooting an M&P FS/Pro and the Shield on the clock?

  • Richard – What kind of ammo did you use being its a shorter barrel on your shield. Can you shoot +p ammo through M&P’s

  • Kruzer – For an experienced shooter in other areas wanting to get involved in IDPA would this have been a good match to start with?

  • Nick – What were the hardest shots in the Match?

  • William – What are the regulations as far as caliber and firearm size?

  • Bryan – Loving the reloading episode. One of the items that I got when we moved to our new house was a 9x12ft man cave to use for guns and reloading. I custom built a 2x8ft bench with hardwood top. When I first built it, it was lots big but as my hobby has grown, it\’s getting squishy. Adding a Dillon 650 is mostly responsible.

    Randi – a tip for tumbling brass. I agree that emptying the media is the highest risk for lead contamination. I use a mask and tumble in the garage like you do. I also add a dryer sheet into the mix. This absorbs a bunch of the fine particles and helps cut down on the dust released.

    PS – Julie, the fenced in stage with little ones is a lot to get used to but before you know it they are past it. Sounds like you are enjoying the kids. Fantastic.

  • We had a really nice letter from Eric. Eric was the one who wrote in asking for an ammo podcast so we thank him for giving us such a great idea! If you have an idea for something you like use to talk about please write in with ideas.


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Awwww... you guys are so sweet.  I love seeing you ladies at the match as well.  Thanks for the kind words.  Kitty loved the work Brian's Dad did on the 3-Port.  She is already talking to him about modifications she can use on that bay for the 2014 Indoor Nationals.  :)


Julie, sounds like your family had a great match, with a first and second. So glad you had dad along on the trip with both girls. It seems everyone wants your third book to be “Kids, Guns, Cats and Planes or How to travel with the kitchen sink”, it sounds like it does take a village to move a family, so thankful you had all the help from your friends like Lois.

As always your and Randi’s descriptions brings the events to life for your listeners, sounded like a very fun match. 

With concealed carry coming closer to an actual reality here in Illinois I have been trying to redefine my practice to fit IDPA style shooting, I’ve spent 40 years as a bulls eye style shooter, slow aimed groups. Have spent some time working on those double tap drills and then letting the sights rise to a third aimed head shot. I took my required concealed carry training with a group of retired Illinois State Policeman that I have known for a few years. The man I’ve known the longest was TRT, he has made the effort to give me some of his free time in personal training. He said I’m doing very well for having never shot this way before. 

Question / thought, do you agree that the most important aspect is the “mind set” and knowledge of the shooting technique and then the slow steady application to develop the muscle memory and speed ?

Again thanks for giving of yourselves to share in these pod cast.


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