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GGP 030 – Gun Girls and their Ammo

Randi Rogers and Julie Golob share their experiences and preferences with all things that go bang. From reloading equipment to their favorites factory ammunition, Julie and Randi give the lowdown on loads they use in everything from competition and carry guns to the ammo they choose when they are out hunting. Tune in as they share tips about reloading, ammunition storage and travel considerations.  They also discuss steps to prevent reliability issues and what to do when ammunition fails.

GGP 030 Gun Girls Ammo.001

Main Topic:

  • History with reloading and reload room/set up
  • Reloading safety, storage and tips
  • Ammo preferences by shooting sport
  • Carry Gun Ammo
  • Hunting Ammp
  • Traveling with ammo/shipping ammo
  • Ammunition malfunctions and issues.
  • Chronograph


Listener Questions:

  • John – Do you notice a difference cleaning from lead, open lead base (FMJs) or closed base (JHP or TMJ)?
  • Surveyor Seven Are there rifling cuts that are designed only for jacketed bullets ? If so how can you determine the difference and what are the results of shooting cast bullets in that type of barrel ? I have never heard a definitive answer on this discussion
  • Susan I do actually. I’d like to know the ballistics/drop at 25 and 50 yds, between 115 gr, 124 gr and 147 gr 9mm rounds
  • Ryan Do you guys have to pay for your own ammo or does your sponsor cover it?
  • David wrote: What bullet weights shapes do you use in 9mm and .45acp and why?
  • Richard  What are your opinions on the Hornady Critical Defence vs. the Hornady Critical Duty as a conceal carry round. will one stop my threat better than the other?
  • Jamim – What is your preferred minor load in 9 and 40, and major load in 40. Thanks!

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RandiMRogers moderator

Surveyor- Glad we were able to get it right, thank you so much for your question it was a good one that we hadn't thought of. DuaneBerry- We would like to know too! If you find some will you call us? :)


another great show, Julie and randi, really enjoy them, i still would like to know what is happening today all the 22 ammo, thank you both form what you do


Great episode Ladies, Julie I reload with an old RCBS Rock Chucker, and charge one case at a time, do the visual powder check and then seat the bullet on that round, very slow compared to other machines, but I’ve never had a accident. I treat reloading as an enjoyable part of the sport, great for cold snowy days.

Randi, that was the correct interpretation of my question on leading of rifling. I’ve been seeing a bit of leading in my 3” S&W 1911, shooting reloads, same loads are not leading in my 5” Wilson or Gold Cup, these are 850 fps, so shouldn’t be melting the bullet base on the way down the tube. 

Julie, I also see a secondary line in the rifling adjacent to one of the groves, not sure why that is there, doesn’t seem to effect accuracy, little gun will shoot all X’s at 10 yards on a B-27, and the leading isn’t clinging to that grove, all lands are staying clean, a mystery, if you can provide any “insider” information I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts

Looking forward to the next episode 


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