09 October 2013 ~ 2 Comments

GGP 028 – Gun Girls Catch Up September Nationals and Hunting

This week both Randi Rogers and Julie Golob are in town and ready to catch up! The past three weeks have been a whirlwind of shooting activities with the 2014 USPSA Limited Nationals, USPSA Limited-10/ Open Nationals, IDPA Nationals and the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt! Randi and Julie share stories from their experiences.

GGP 028 - Gun Girls Catch Up On Nationals & Hunting

USPSA Limited Nationals

USPSA Lim-10/ Open Nationals

  • Back-2-Back Stage Changes
  • Tips for transitioning between sports and long trips

IDPA Nationals

Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt

This episode of Gun Girl Radio was brought to you by…


This episode of Gun Girl Radio was brought to you by…


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Julie, you got stuck a third time ? In your family vehicle ? So glad hubby was along, in bad weather / roads I always watch after my girls too. 

335 yards was a great shot for this lady, I‘m sure she is very proud, the furthest shot I’ve ever made is 360 yards with a AR-15, 5.56 on a coyote. That distance is about as far as you can see in Southern Illinois without a line of sight obstacle. Your shot in the blowing snow at 165 yards is something to be very proud of as well, (did you feel the high 5 ?), in those conditions that .308 was the right choice, you have refueled my desire to get an AR-10, my wife said to be sure and express her “thanks” to you for that   LOL

Randi, the best way to make up for you not being at home when the puppies were delivered, is to “feed” them, a lot, until they are comfortable in their new home. If it turns out that you don’t like the M&P .40 pro, I do take in shelter adoptions   :)

As always so much fun to hear your voices, thanks for taking the time to keep us informed and entertained