25 September 2013 ~ 3 Comments

GGP 027 – Gun Girls Get a GRIP Part II

Randi Rogers is off competing at national level competition so this week it’s Julie Golob and Jake Challand catching up on the latest in Gun Girl Radio world and interviewing Nikki Turpeaux of Archangel Tactical and the Get A GRIP® Defense program. Tune in as Julie chats with Nikki about her training programs geared especially for women.

GGP-027 - Gun Girls Get a GRIP 2

Photos provided by Nikki Turpeaux and Jerry King

Main Topic: Nikki Turpeaux of Archangel Tactical

  • Nikki’s journey into the world of firearms, shooting and training
  • Archangel Tactical Anniversary Event
  • The feminine touch and ways to get women to the range
  • Get a GRIP® Defense Program for Ladies, Students, Gentleman and Professionals
  • Nikki’s advice on how to deal with mainstream media
  • 3 Gun FUN!
  • More about Nikki, her favorite gun, best shooting advice, what’s in her range bag and her toughest shot.


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Get a GRIP® Defense
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Julie, sorry I took so many days before I had time to listen to this pod cast, always good. Nikki it always brings joy to my heart to find more shooting enthusiast that are Christians, I loved you identifying yourself as being a “woman of faith”. Your discussion as to having ladies around making life better, I can’t agree more, I have two very precious ladies in my life, but mine don’t enjoy shooting, so I am jealous of those ladies who have my same passion. I keep trying to carefully and slowly encourage my daughter, both my wife and daughter always watch the shooting shows on TV with me and go to gun shows and gun shops with me and support my passion, I just can’t get them to actually go out side and shoot with me. When we have our “shoot and eat” event at our house for our Church friends, they will sit in the lawn chairs and cheer us on, but won’t partake. Nikki, as you were speaking about knowing and having an opinion, I was talking back to you , saying have "conviction", and then you said the same. Without conviction a person is just a piece of trash blowing in the wind. My wife credits me for originating the phrase “show me a man without a enemy and I will show you a man without conviction”, because of this I value my enemies, when I evaluate those who hate me, I am reassured that I am holding to the best beliefs. And lastly Nikki, on a lighter comment, you are a very special lady to shoot “through” your purse, even though that may be the best course of action, my daughter will die when I tell her this  lol


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