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GGP 024 – What’s On a Gun Girl’s Bucket List?

GGP 024 - Shooting Bucket List

This week on Gun Girl Radio Randi Rogers and Julie Golob talk about their buckets lists.  With 80 world and national titles between them what could possibly be left? The answers are surprising. Randi and Julie discuss different matches, sports, locations and guns they dream of using some day!

Main Topic:

  • What shooting sports would the GG try?
  • What Guns do GG want to try?
  • What places do GG want to travel and shoot?
  • Events GG want to see/ watch or be in.
  • What are the GG goals?
  • Who do the GG dream of meeting?


Listener Questions:

    • Chris: @julieG1 @RandiMRogers Hey R & J, I may be too late but I’d like to hear thoughts on how (in my view) women shooters are leading the sport.
    • Bryce: Hi Randi and Julie – I just discovered your podcast after listening to Julie on the Balloon Goes Up podcast. Great series you have here– I’m on episode 4 and moving along in order. I do have an only child– a daughter, now 4 1/2 years.  She knows the Eddie Eagle rules so it’s a start. Not sure when I’ll actually have her start shooting but that\’s not the reason I’m messaging. It’s mainly about me worrying about how her friends and families might react, especially since I live in Seattle. My daughter might hear the “guns are bad” so I’m trying to teach her guns are good for sports.My questions:– When you’ve met parents of other children(who might not know you’re celebrities) and they learn of your profession, have some reacted in a negative way? How have you handled it?– How do you start your kids shooting?
    • Charlene: Hello again!! – I am currently at Camp Perry and having a great time meeting and speaking with many people. I thought I would share one topic that came up as I do not recall it being discussed previously. We were discussing ways of cutting some costs and it was pointed out that volunteering was an outstanding way to not only cut costs, but to support the sport. Some of the benefits mentioned included anything from covering entry fees to reduced lodging costs. This could really make an impact when you consider attending matches that have fees in excess of $100 in addition to the other expenses you may incur. Can you provide more info about this?  Thanks again for taking time out to bring us the scoop!!
    • Mike in TN: Hey Gun Girls – I normally listen to your podcasts during my routine travel from East TN to Southern OH. Your knowledge and experience in the shooting sports makes the trip fly by. I started shooting some local USPSA matches last year and I routinely dry fire practice. I was wondering if either of you have ever practiced using gas blowback airsoft guns and if you have any thoughts on the pros or cons of training with airsoft pistols? Keep up the good work.
    • Duane: great show Julie and Randi, I really enjoy your podcasts


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Surveyor- You make me laugh! I love the Cake Blaster myself I will have to see if that one is taken.

Denalirepso- Wow that sounds amazing! I might have to make a trip up there just for that! It is a small world there is a Farmington, NM about an hour from where I grew up in Durango.


Hey girls (and Jake) just wanted to say awesome episode today. Look forward to every new show. If you're ever in or near the Farmington Holds Michigan area, you'll have to look me up Julie. We'll get a gatling gun or two out. And you don't even have to buy ammo, it'll be there for you. We can take out either of the 1877 Colt Bulldogs or the 1874 Colt Camelgun. Maybe we'll get all three out if you can convince Randy and Jake to come with you. Thanks for the great podcast! DJ


Julie / Randi, you show always make me think, shooting a class 3 Thompson would be great, I’ve shot a semi auto version, and still emptied a 50 round drum in less than 20 seconds. I would have to add a BAR to my wish list to shoot.

Julie, I just saw that Rob got his President’s 100 award, that would be a great accomplishment for you to shoot for.

Randi, we can learn from John Browning together, we can compete on our class assignments / projects.

SASS would be fun if I could afford an outfit and all of the firearms with a pair of S&W Schofield’s, I’m not a fan of the Colt SA, grip doesn’t fit my hand very well. I’ve attended a couple of SASS matches and “shot” pictures. Fun to watch.

Julie, your SASS name? eemmm? What should it be?

“Montana Jewels”

“pistol pack’n mama” ( I bet some one already got that one)

“Glasgow Gal”

“dry gulch Dorthy” (I think she was the mother of the Munchkin’s from the Wizard of Oz, or I could just be making stuff up lol)

“cake blaster” (a Shooting USA tribute name)

I’m not very good at coming up with this kind of stuff, I need to get my girls working on this for you, they are really good at this

Got to get back to work, can’t wait for the next show


@denalirepsol09 Hey DJ. Oh my! I think I am gonna have to make a trip to Michigan sometime!!!!! :) Thanks so much for the kind words. We really appreciate them!


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