24 July 2013 ~ 3 Comments

GGP 023 – Do Girls Clean Guns?

This week on Gun Girl Radio Randi Rogers and Julie Golob talk about all things clean- gun clean that is! They start off with some tips on how to learn where to clean your guns and then move on to their own personal likes/dislikes about gun cleaning. What products they use, what tools they have, when, where and why they clean their guns the way they do.

Photo courtesy of the talented Yamil Sued of hotgunshots.com

Photo courtesy of the talented Yamil Sued of hotgunshots.com

Main Topic:

  • How/ where do you learn how to clean guns?
  • What products do Randi and Julie use?
  • When should you clean your guns?
  • Cleaning Vs. Maintenance
  • Accessory Cleaning: Holsters, Magazine Pouches, Sights, Magazines
  • Home Cleaning Kits Vs. Travel Cleaning Kits


Listener Questions:

  • Paige – How do you feel about ultrasonic cleaners?

  • Bryan –  How can I trick my kids (ladies aged 6 & 9) into cleaning my guns….and to do it right?

  • Jay  – Firearms today are made to be very reliable but during a competition what would you recommend to a good time to clean the firearm.

  • Eric  – What you people do to a handgun compared to most people’s and the difference between a bolt rifle and a machine gun. Do you use Carb cleaner? How often do you fully strip and clean firing pin channels etc.? How do you feel about Mobil1 fully Synthetic?

  • Surveyor Seven  – Have you found anything or method to completely removed powder stains from a cylinder of a stainless steel S&W revolver, short of buffing? I have used compounds like “Flitz” and a lot of finger rubbing and still have that grey tinge, I don’t have any problem cleaning a “blued” cylinder with normal “lead” removing liquids, thoughts ?

  • David – Don’t use carb cleaner in guns with fiber optic sights!

  • Jennifer – Since a .22 pistol like a Ruger is harder to disassemble, how often do you clean it? Ammo tends to burn dirtier, but the disassembly and reassembly is a pain.

  • Warren – Yes, will you clean my guns please.

  • Bob – Do either of you use Frog Lube or had any experience with it? If not what do you all use? Do you use different lube for pistols or rifles? Garry- Frog lube is GREAT !

  • Jason – Are Glocks really dishwasher safe? But seriously, what do you gals recommend we have in our shooting bag for cleaning our gun on the range at a match?

  • Kim – Hi Randi and Julie! Have you both tried FireClean? I have and after completing since 1975 I have not found anything better!!!!

  • Tony – Have ether of you used slipstream. It is very good you can feel the difference as soon as you put it on.


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Mray- Thank you for the question. I think I have the opposite cleaning schedule from you. I do a full break down and cleaning of my guns two or three days before a major match. I have at least one practice before I leave so that I can take the guns to the range and test them to make sure I put them back together correctly. Then during the match I will oil them and tighten screws (my cowboy guns it seems like the screws are always coming lose), but I will never break down during a match.


One question that I didn't hear answered. How often to you clean your guns, and how long before a match to you clean them?  I shoot Cowboy, and USPSA, I tend to do good cleaning of my cowboy guns after about 6 to 8 matches, and never before a major match. I may run a bore snake through the gun, and spray lube, but I don't break them down, and make sure I shoot them 100 rounds at least before any major matches. What are your thoughts on this?