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GGP 014 – Randi’s Got Ammo & Attitude

GGP 014 - Ammo and AttitudeIt’s another pre-recorded show for Randi Rogers and Julie Golob. Randi is on set for her new hosting gig with Ammo & Attitude and Julie is taking some time away to prep for the arrival of her new baby.

Main Topic

  • Randi’s experience on TV and her new gig as a host.
  • About Ammo & Attitude
  • Women in reality TV
    • Know your gear
    • How to stay calm
    • Ask questions before your interview starts
    • Prep tips to make you look and sound good
    • Be positive and try to smile.
    • Listen to the question fully before answering.
    • Think about the audience and try to avoid too much shooter slang
    • Watch those hand gestures
    • Friendly media vs. Unfriendly media – be prepared and know the risks of talking with mainstream media on gun issues.
    • Follow up
    • How to deal when the press gets too close
    • Speak slowly
    • Interview tips from Randi & Julie

Listener Feedback:

Steve from Facebook: What are the top things you have changed and/or added to a new Glock? Thank you! : )

ColonelRon ‏from Twitter – Can u discuss how a woman’s grip differs from a man & how to compensate? I’ve heard different techniques but wife still has trouble

GEAR Dad ‏from Twitter – Is it realistic to use a pump shotgun (I have a Mossberg 500) to compete in #3Gun? LOVE the podcast!

Daniel from Facebook: Less of a question and more of a suggestion. If it comes up, don’t try to defend modern civilian rifles by differentiating them from selective fire weapons. The differences don’t matter and nobody cares anyway. The only point that needs to be made is that banning these firearms won’t solve anything, and nobody can provide a shred of evidence that it will. We have a violence problem that won’t be solved by taking one type of rarely-used firearm off store shelves, and focusing on that goal is just a distraction from the search for real solutions.


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Thank you for the comments gentlemen! Your questions and comments are very helpful!


Great podcasts ladies!  Your show is getting me more and more interested in this sport.  Can't wait to see Randi on Ammo and Attitude this fall.  What a great season they will have!  Keep up the great work.  You're both so inspiring and empowering for women. 


Randi usually when I look someone directly in the eye and tell them something they don’t want to hear they don’t take my eye to eye contact as “welcoming”, but I’m not near as good looking as either of you two, my girls often tell people “he is smiling”. Again thanks for these pod casts, they are always fun to hear


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