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GGP 012 – A Girl & A Gun with Juliana Crowder

GGP 012 - A Girl and a GunIn this week’s episode of Gun Girl Radio, Randi and Julie have a special guest from A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League. They chat with founder Juliana Crowder about the program, chapters, events, shopping and more!

What’s new?
Randi is back from a win at the USPSA Texas State Open Championship and chats about her appearance on Next Generation TV. Julie is in nesting mode but is posting some fun surveys and giveaways on her website where followers can guess the due date, whether the baby will be a boy a girl and more.

Main Topic – A Girl and A Gun with Juliana Crowder

  • About Juliana and her journey into the shooting sports
  • What is A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League?
  • Events, Chapters and Programs
  • AG&AG hits mainstream media in a great way
  • Conference Details
  • Shopping!!!!

Listener Feedback:

Email from Jim & Samantha: Hay Jake and the guys and gals… Yes I listen to gun girl as well. My 14 yr old daughter is a competitive shooter as well. Julie G. is one of her idols anyway we listen on stitcher we don’t have Itunes but we unless we forget to, we almost always give a thumbs up. And look forward to every new show and book recommendations thanks again.

Email from Paul: Dear Ladies, it has been an honor to listen to two living legends of shooting. Great tips, great insight, and great personalities! I have a question for those of us, guys and girls, with smallish hands and working the controls of modern semi-auto handguns. What is your recommended technique for releasing the slide of a semi-auto when I can’t reach the buttons? I almost feel as though I have to compromise my shooting grip to have my thumb be able to reach the slide release button. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Aidan from Facebook: What role do you think women play in securing the Second Amendment now and for future generations? How can old white guys help or hurt or should we just stay out of the way?

Jeong from Facebook: Why are so many women on the fence when it comes to 2ndA? Too many support it by word only and so not allow guns in the house.

Phil from Facebook: It is the women who will convince our elected officials that guns in the right hands is a good thing for our society and especially for the women in our society. It is pioneers like Julianna Crowder who will lead the charge in convincing women to communicate with their elected officials. We must all support these pioneers or our rights as we know them may perish. No question, just a comment to Julianna. Maintain the momentum! We are in your corner and in the arena together.

Susie from Facebook:  Very well said , Phil. The more we can educate women and get them involved the more they will help us to elect officials who will help us keep our freedom and support our 2nd amendment rights. Keep up the good work , Julianna, Randi, Julie and all ladies who take the time to get ladies to the range. I know here in Del Rio the interest is growing by leaps and bounds!!! It can only get better from here!


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Thank you so much Surveyor! You have some great ideas and your questions and comments are always appreciated!


Julie and Randi, so very true on the opinion polls that state that firearm ownership is declining, I do not trust very many polls of any type based on how they are taken. There is no question that the number of FBI background checks, all of the empty shelves at all gun stores and the extreme lack of ammo provide for a completely different view of firearm ownership in America, those facts tell me that there are a lot of new gun owners, I believe this because many of the long time gun owners have owned everything that they want many years before today and most of us already own as many firearms as we can afford prior to the current “rush to buy“. Randi, you are showing very good wisdom in what you share about your occupation when you travel, I very strongly agree that all of us must be very careful now days how much information we disclose to strangers, especially you ladies. Here in Illinois we fought hard to make sure that our FOID (firearm owners identification) records would not be made public. So many of us are extremely cautious of how much we share and with whom we share. Again always fun to listen to your pod cast, sometimes however I do feel left out as a male listener, with all of the great things you ladies have to get involved with.


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