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GGP 008 – Our Favorite Shooting Sports: IDPA

GGP-008 - Our Favorite Shooting Sports IDPAIn this episode of Gun Girl Radio Randi and Julie discuss another one of their favorite shooting sports, International Defensive Pistol Association competitions. Both multi-time ladies IDPA National Champions, they cover the basics of the sport, a bit of history and chat about this week’s Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor Nationals Championships.

What have Randi & Julie been up to?

  • Randi Rogers - Costa Rica IDPA NationalsRandi visited Costa Rica for combination competition trip and vacation where she won the women’s title at the IDPA Costa Rica Nationals
  • Julie recorded an episode of her monthly podcast, JulieG Radio.

Main Topic – One of Our Favorite Shooting Sports – IDPA:

  • A brief overview of IDPA
  • The IDPA Divisions
  • Equipment considerations
  • History of the Sport

Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor Nationals

  • Types of stages
  • Lighting conditions
  • Awards ceremony
  • A little match history
  • Indoor Nationals experiences and favorite memories

Listener Questions:

Rick: Hi Ladies, I’m enjoying the podcast. I had the privilege of meeting Randi at the Texas State IDPA match (I was just watching, not participating) and told her that I was a big fan of hers….and Julie. After saying that and walking away to photograph some of the match, I began to think that it was a bit rude on my part mentioning being a fan of a competitor to Randi while she was shooting the match. Oops. Anyway, you can imagine how happy I was to find out that Randi and Julie were doing a podcast!

I do have a question…..how to pick up speed during a match and where along a course of fire that the ladies have found that they can pick up the most speed. I’ve been shooting our local club match that isn’t pure IDPA but it does involve scoring zones and shooting around barriers, etc. Anyway, it seems that I haven’t been able to rise to higher than 6th place finishes for several months now and I’m itching to gain a spot on some of our hotshots. ;D

Joe: Ladies (and Jake), I have a question regarding my wife and the creepers at our range. She and I both compete in IDPA. She’s new to the sport and is already kicking butt. She is also the only lady shooter at our local matches. The problem is that every guy there seems to think she needs their advice. She\’s polite and listens to them all with patience but she\’s starting to get a little tired of it. I know it sounds like I’m just being jealous, but I assure you that\’s not it. My wife can handle herself! But that\’s also the problem. I don’t want to step in, because it would only come off as a jealous jerk husband and I do have to shoot with these guys every weekend. Do you have any advice?

Chuck from facebook & Jace from Twitter: Any news on the possible rule changes in IDPA?

Matt: How hard is it to mentally switch rule sets from USPSA and back?

Sarah: What do ladies keep in the pockets of your shooting vests?

Matt: Why aren’t there any exclusive Top IDPA shooters? I.E. Why is it that the top uspsa shooters who don’t shoot or practice for IDPA show up at the nationals and completely dominate?


Please feel free to post your questions in the comments below or send them to ladies@gungirlradio.com. Tell us what you think and leave suggestions for future shows. We’d love to hear from you! Follow Randi Rogers and Julie Golob  on Facebook and consider leaving us a review on iTunes.

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Sorry for the late response everyone!

JoJo- That is great advice! I think it is great that you were able to a) listen to others advice b) practice it at home c) you were able to choose what worked for you d) able to talk to the other shooters from a point of knowledge. That is incredible and my hat is off to you!

Jude- Dry fire is a great place to work on some skills to get faster. You can work on transitions; the time it takes you to move between targets, you can work on set ups; I like to use door ways to simulate walls to shoot around. I will run up to the edge of a doorway and practice "shooting behind cover". You can also practice draws and reload which are great places to gain time. However, if you are truly practicing on shooting speed then a range is the only place to do it. It sounds like you are going to ranges that set up matches. Have you tried speaking to those ranges about memberships for practice where you can use the bays during the week to set up stages and practice?


Hi there.  I am a woman and relatively new to IDPA.  I have only been to two matches and every time I find myself wanting to practice more and shoot more.  My question is, How do get faster if there aren't any ranges that allows you to practice drawing and setting up IDPA scenarios.  Do you practice dry fire at home and try to do better at the next match?  Right now I'm working on accuracy...so I'm pretty slow.  Jude


To Joe - I know exactly what she is dealing with! I was often the only lady on our local range, and the guys frequently would interject advice. Being a relatively new shooter at the time, I would eagerly listen to any and all, but after getting some experience under my belt, I too got "advice fatigue." My buddies were totally well intentioned, but often discussed points I already knew. What I found that worked was to do what I do in my job - inundate them with info I already knew. For instance, "You know, I already tried that, but being cross-dominate, it didn't work for me." Or "I've been told that before, but it doesn't work for me because I am still working on accuracy and I don't worry about the clock yet." I always told them my rationale, at which point they would usually say "Oh," and drop it, as it was obvious I've not only heard that piece if advice before, but tried it and had a reason not to utilize it. Tell her don't be discouraged! They really do think they are being helpful, but as they see her skill increase, the tips will taper off and the compliments will start coming! But Joe, let any responses come from her alone. The guys need to accept and interact with her as an equal shooter, and they will, in time. Hang in there, sister! And speak up, politely of course ;-)


To Sarah - What I carry in the pockets of my "concealment" vest or jacket is extra loaded magazines! The left pocket one is for me to carry extra rounds to proceed from stage to stage without stopping to reload, but the right hand pocket is specifically for weight - my vests tend to be lightweight and this helps me sweep the garment out of the way more easily and speeds up my draw from the holster. Try it, works great!


another good show, they always make a little part of my day go by so much better, hope you are getting lots of listeners, Jerry and Bob are in a division all by them self’s, superhuman, in my dreams I’m as fast as Jerry, but as hansom and skinny as Bob LOL