13 February 2013 ~ 1 Comment

GGP 007 – Gun Girl Talk with Maggie Reese

GGP 007 - Gun Girl Talk with Maggie ReeseRandi wasn’t able to join us this week, but Julie invited the talented and beautiful Maggie Reese for a fun “girl talk” episode gun girl style.  Maggie is a two time 3-Gun Ladies National Champion as well as a season two contestant on the hit show History Channel’s Top Shot.

Main Topic Interview:

  • Maggie’s journey from new shooter to national champion.
  • Dealing with injuries as a competition shooter.
  • Picking and choosing matches and shooting sports.
  • Shooting and competing with other women.
  • Top Shot talk
  • Maggie’s secrets to having fun and looking great on the range.

Listener Questions:

Jenny:  Hi ladies! I just listened to your show on USPSA competitions and I may just have to start doing them!  My husband has tried for quite a while to get me into shooting, but beyond the occasional practice at the range, I just haven’t.  BUT, I do believe I need more practice with the gun that I’d be using for self defense and this may be the way to do it. Thanks for convincing me :-)  NOW to only convince my husband to stay home with the 3 kids 3 and under while I do this.  Maybe you can help in that area! (Jake-yes the Jake with you on air now, would be my husband :-) and has no idea that I’ve written to you!)

Dan: I am writing to inquire what time I can hear Gun Girl Radio on the air?  Is it available as a podcast?  Any information you could provide would be most helpful.  As I live in the eastern time zone I may be somewhat ahead of you all.

Jill: Hi we just found your radio program from gun guys podcasts! Enjoyed hearing women with a voice in a man’s world.  I’m new to shooting but my husband is not . We have been visiting a lot of websites and you tube video’s so I’m hearing more about a world I’m just getting into. I have been doing archery and love doing the leagues in the winter time. This is a world I’m a little more comfortable in. My question to you is what does a girl do when all around it’s a man’s game, so many particulars and verbage that is hard to grasp. I will learn more as I go…(take some time) Is there any outlets for just a girls arena?

J Man:  I am wanting to get my wife more interested in shooting for self defense. What can you recommend for her to start with as far as a type of handgun and caliber to get her use to shooting? Thanks.


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